Concerning Halloween costumes…

I haven’t worn a Halloween costume in years–the last few Halloweens have been completely devoted to my beloved nephew/godson’s enjoyment. I told myself earlier this year that Halloween 2010 would be different; whether I attended a party or not, I would wear a costume.

My original plan: ghillie suit. Really wanted to wear this hunter/sniper getup while taking my nephew trick-or-treating, was hoping to scare the kids in his neighborhood. I was intending to enlist the help of my mother, who has sewn clothing her entire life, in putting it together. Why this didn’t work out: price of materials was out of my budget.

Ghillie suit. One day, Chewbacca, I swear it...

Next option: Flapper. Why this didn’t work out: I couldn’t find a nice tea-length dropped-waist dress that I liked, and this was the typical fashion of the Flapper, so no cigar–I’m of the mindset that a Halloween costume should be either hideous or flattering, not something in-between. Sidenote: in my searchings, I did rediscover a gorgeous ivory lace dropped-waist dress that my mother had sewn almost twenty-five years ago. I’ve always loved the dress and dear mummy’s given it to me. I’ll have it altered to a proper fit, and I’ll update the neckline, but I wasn’t going to repurpose a dress with such sentimental importance just for a Halloween costume.

Final option: Mish-mash outfit consisting of various accessories pointing to some non-specific time in the early twentieth century. Why this did work out: I found a mask and boa, which cost about $15 total. I put on long black gloves, a black dress I found in my old bedroom at my parents’ house, rummaged through my mom’s jewelry for colorful pieces, and tied one of her scarves around my forehead. It worked not only because it cost very little, but also because I think it’s fun to make as much of your Halloween getup as possible. Didn’t do much–took some pictures in my parents’ backyard with my nephew, took him trick-or-treating afterwards, then hung out with family, but a good time was had by all!

Final product? See below.

Spooky portrait: a bluish take on Lady Undead
My costume, put together on Halloween afternoon
My nephew and I, er, lady and the ninja.

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